Today was a first for me.

 I held the title of wedding coordinator. For some reason, I’m not the person people think of to ask when the event involves dresses and flowers and etiquette. 

 For the past few months, Joe and I have been helping a happy couple plan a ceremony and prepare for marriage. 

This morning I was up early praying for the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Krull and trying to hold back emotions as the memory reels of the bride began turning in my mind. 

 My mind rewound 12 years to teaching Sarah in Sunday School as a 5th grader in Cape Girardeau. Then my thoughts fast forwarded to 6 years ago when God moved this sweet girl from St Louis to Tulsa just for me I think….to provide the best babysitter in the world for our big kids when we were new to Tulsa. 

 And then my thoughts skipped to just last year to the day I dropped sweet Baby B off for her first day in childcare at the church where I work. I knew I would survive those 6 hours because Ms. Sarah was there to snuggle her in my absence. 

 After being married 15 years, I have the perspective of knowing that this important day will soon be a distant memory for Stuart and Sarah.

 As Joe and I were walking out of the hotel last night to go practice his officiating and my coordinating the wedding, we had a little disagreement (how appropriate huh?) of the countless opportunities we have had in our marriage to live out the vows we made to each other on December 18th, 1999. 

 A childhood memory verse, Philippians 4:8, and a list I made about Joe years ago at the recommendation of my mom popped in my head as we worked through the disagreement.

I jotted down this verse (not an easy task for me if you know me and my physical disability story) in the journal I gave to Sarah today. A journal to pack in her bag so next week when this day is just a memory she can begin her own list….a list of things she loves and admires about Stuart. 

 Words I pray Sarah will return to in the days and years to come. Words of affirmation to speak over her husband as they learn to love each other in their new relationship of being husband and wife. 

 My goodness today was perfect. 

Simply beautiful. 

And as I watched my own handsome groom marry Sarah and Stuart I smirked as I thought about our little disagreement last night…because on my list is the fact that he is so darn sweet and good-looking. 

 Sarah in 15 years I pray that your heart still flutters when you look into your husband’s eyes just like mine did today. May the moments that he drives you crazy be redeemed with thoughts of all the things that you love about him on this your wedding day. 

What an honor to be a part of your special day…