I looked up at the television and there was Sarah in labor pains giving birth to Isaac.

As gazed at 100 year old Abraham and 90 year old Sarah (though the actors weren’t even close to looking that old), I thought

abraham-and-sarah-the-bibleWell, at least we aren’t that old.

With images of grey headed Abraham and wrinkling Sarah embedded in my head, the day carried on and we loaded our car for the 4 hour trip home.   I spent the drive dozing in and out of sleep and thinking about how I wanted to break the news to Joe.

It was going to be late when we got home.  I knew that I would likely be up most of the night thinking about how our life was going to change with a new baby around, so I wanted to tell Joe that night so I wouldn’t be up all alone.

I just knew that we would be up all night talking about our excitements, our fears, our “what ifs”

I went with a simple, infallible plan.

We put the kids to bed.  I peeked in their rooms to make sure that they were asleep before I planted the evidence.

I placed the test in the toothbrush holder he uses.  I knew Joe would brush his teeth before he got into bed and would make the discovery.   I would finally get to spill the beans.


I waited in bed for him.  He was in the bathroom going through his normal nightly routine.

To my dismay…that boy didn’t even notice the unusual stick next to his toothbrush.

I really shouldn’t be surprised.  He often has trouble seeing things in the refrigerator that are in the very front…my brother was like this…so was my Dad…I won’t categorize ALL men, but the men I am closest to in my life…Well let’s just say they have some sort of handicap that keeps them from being able to see some things that are right in front of their eyes.

Joe came back to the bedroom and at first I thought he was going to have the pregnancy test in his hand and play it cool.

I was wrong.

He climbed in bed that night and rolled over to go to sleep.

I guess the simple plan was not simple enough.

Great!  There I was wide awake deciding if I should just tell him, or if I should try to go to sleep and wait until morning.

I decided to let him sleep, so I went and retrieved the test so the kids wouldn’t find it in the morning, and I would try again once we got the kids off to school the next day.  Joe worked from home on Mondays, so I thought it would be better any way to have the entire day together to talk.

The next morning I planted the test in a more obvious position. (even though the first one was super obvious)

DSC_0474Joe walked into the restroom.  I waited at my vanity right beside the door and watched.

He didn’t immediately see it, but he finally took hold of the unusual stick. (remember…it was a Dollar Tree special and looked nothing like the 20 previous tests I had used…plus it had been 9 years since I had taken a pregnancy test.)

J, “What in the world is this?”

Me, grinning from ear to ear, “What do you think it is?”

J, “Not sure.”

Me, are you kidding me, “Well……….” Still smiling as big as Texas.

J, “Is this a pregnancy test?  How do you read it?”

Me, “You got it!  And it’s positive!”

J, with a priceless surprised, confused , unbelieving look on his face. “Where’s the box? I want to check it.  This is weird looking. Wait a minute….wait a minute…..”

Then it dawned on me just as it had dawned on him at that moment.

It was April 1st.  I come from a family who has quite the reputation for sarcasm and good pranks.  Joe hasn’t a sarcastic bone in his body and has never once tried to prank me.  I may or may not have pulled a prank or two on him.

Me, “No. No. No. No.  I PROMISE IT IS NOT A JOKE.  I am not trying to pull an epic April Fool’s on you.”  Though wouldn’t that make a good one when we are 50 someday, I  am going to have to save that Dollar Tree special.

After about a minute of convincing, the conversation turned to

“What in the world are we going to do with a baby in this house that is already bursting at the seams with only 2 kids?”

Not much work got done by either of us that day.  We spent the day enjoying the dreams of having another little Buxton running around our home.  In the recesses of my mind, there were many fears to be faced.

Because of Joe changing jobs, maternity wasn’t covered on our insurance.

Having gone through three miscarriages, for us the first couple of months of pregnancy are a mental war (too intense to call a battle) against the fear of the “what ifs”.

We have been saving to finally purchase a home, what now?

But we fought hard that day to not allow the Fool of all Fools, the devil, steal the joy of that beautiful April 1st.

We shared many laughs that day as I shared with him the events of the previous 24 hours.

And…it’s a good thing we had just sold Joe’s beloved car, The Grand, and had already shaved the beard  …the grandpa comments might have been a little more extreme.