At twenty weeks pregnant, I am finally to that stage in my pregnancy where most people know by looking at me that I am pregnant.  However, this summer I have met many new friends through a Bible study that I am facilitating at my church.

I guess I just assumed that everyone knew by looking at me that I was pregnant, but even last night ladies at the Bible study came up to me before we started, “I heard you were pregnant.  Congratulations!”

This prompted me in the introduction to the Bible study to chase a rabbit and tell the ladies how I found out I was pregnant and how I told Joe.

As I was telling this story, I thought…this is funny.  Really funny.   Why haven’t I told people this?  I don’t even think I have told most of my family the story.

Sometimes when you are speaking from a stage you have to try really hard to come up with a funny story to lighten the mood of the room and make everyone feel comfortable.

Most speakers have a story or two up their sleeve that they pull out when they speak in front of groups because the best and funniest stories are not fictional.  They are real life events that no one could possibly dream up.

This is one of the stories of my life I don’t want to forget, so this morning I decided I need to document it in writing for our new little one to hear someday about “The day momma and daddy found out they were going to have me.”

(If you haven’t heard the answer to the question “Was this pregnancy a surprise?”  I answered that question here.  It will help you understand the story below better.)

It was late March.

I had been working really hard to get off the extra 10 to 15 pounds that I had put on in the previous year from the stress and lack of time to work out associated with my job of starting a Kid’s Ministry at a new campus of my church.

In January and February, the first 7 or 8 pounds came off quickly and easily with a good dose of discipline of eating and working out.

Then…mid-March came along.  Suddenly I found myself unmotivated to get out of bed to go to the gym.

I was finding it a little more difficult to say no to my guilty pleasures of chips and salsa and ice cream.

I just thought my New Year resolve was nearing its end.

To my dismay I was becoming a New Year’s resolution statistic.

Easter came early this year.  March 30th.

Because Joe and I have been on church staff most of the years of our marriage, we have not spent many Easters with family.  We were excited to allow the kids the opportunity to spend Easter weekend at Joe’s family farm.

It is not unusual for me to lie around medicated most of the time we are at the farm.  I am allergic to horses and cats and this does not combine beautifully with staying at the farm of someone who is a horse vet…there is simply no avoiding the horse allergy there.

So my tiredness that I was feeling that weekend was not necessarily an unusual feeling for a stay at the farm.

Sunday morning we dressed in our Sunday best and found our places on a pew at my in-law’s church.

A precious young couple walked in a few minutes late and found a seat in the pew in front of us.  They sat their beautiful baby in the car seat in between them and joined the rest of us in worshiping .

I found myself very distracted by the baby.

I remember thoughts like,

“Oh I remember those tired days when just getting to church with the baby is such a monumental task. 

“Bless their hearts, they probably didn’t sleep much last night and are going to have a tough time making it through the organ music and the 3 point sermon.”

About midway through one of these thoughts, another thought crept into my head.

“I’m pregnant, that’s why have been so tired!”

The remainder of the service, while everyone else in the room was focusing on the beauty of the cross and our Risen Lord… my mind shifted into baby thought overdrive.  I couldn’t tell you one thing the pastor said.

On our way home, I asked Joe to stop by the Dollar Tree because I wanted to pick up a thing or two more for the kid’s Easter bunny baskets.  (We are sure the kids don’t believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, or the Easter bunny any more but they are so sweet and play along beautifully so that Mom and Dad can have fun!)

I remember Joe making a comment about one of the sermon points and how God spoke to him and told him he needed to have “unconditional grace for Holly.”

Oh my word….I am pregnant!!!! I thought.

Joe asked me what I thought of the sermon.

“It was really good.”

I lied.  I lied on Easter Sunday.  How could I tell him somewhere in the third verse of Up from the Grave He Arose, I didn’t have one more thought about the amazing grace of Jesus.

Don’t judge me.  I already repented of this.

Joe dropped me off at the front door of Dollar Tree and waited on me in the car while I shopped.  This process of shopping has saved our marriage.  I highly recommend it to young couples.

I was still battling baby thoughts when I saw them.

There in the check-out line….pregnancy tests.

I remembered that my sister had told me once that those are the tests they used at the crisis pregnancy center she directed for a few years.

I didn’t believe her with my other 5 pregnancies.  I fell into the marketing scheme of those tests that claim to tell you 5 days earlier than any other test, and dished out 8 dollars or more per test (and I always took more than one!)

What is there to lose?  They are just a dollar.

I snagged one and quickly made my purchases, making sure to hide the pregnancy test in my purse so Joe wouldn’t see.

It was a long 20 minute drive back to the farm.

We had a delicious lunch and I let Joe know I had to go lay down for a little bit before we got back on the road to head home.

That was half true.  So that doesn’t count as my second Easter Sunday lie.

The full truth is that I wanted to go upstairs to take the pregnancy test, so I could calm my mind…fully expecting it to be negative.

But then I thought…if it is negative, then I won’t trust it because it just cost a dollar!

The moment of truth came as I watched the lines appear as if they were going in slow motion.

I checked the back of the box to make sure I was reading it correctly.

Dollar Tree had confirmed my gut feeling I had.  I was pregnant.

I stashed the evidence of the test and made my way to a bed, but as you can imagine there wasn’t any sleeping going to happen that afternoon.

After about an hour of brain overdrive and asking a lot of questions to God…I headed downstairs.

I am pretty sure I pulled off Easter Sunday lie #2 rather well and responded that I had had a good nap. (Thank you Jesus for forgiveness and the cross)

I plopped down in a chair.

The family was watching the Bible Series that the History Channel had produced that year.  On Easter Sunday they were showing all of the previously aired episodes in the afternoon to lead up to the series finale that was being aired that night.

I looked up at the TV and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

No joke.  You will not believe what Bible story was playing out on the TV.

You are going to hate me…I am stopping the story here.  It has to be a two part story because it is way too long for one post.  The second part is the best part.  So…until I post part 2 make your guess…what story was on TV?  Those I have told, please keep it to yourself!

My sweet and highly talented friend, Sarah, captured a few belly pictures this week.  Go checkout her amazing website.  Fully of inspiration.

My sweet and highly talented friend Sarah at TWENTY ONE fifty nine captured a few belly pictures this week. Go checkout her amazing website and be inspired.