I’ve never really needed an alarm clock.

I have been an early riser since I was young. I think that this is why I fell in love with reading and with coffee…after all what else is there to do while you wait for everyone else in the house to wake up.

This morning my early rising kicked it up a notch. 4 am.

I thought I was just getting up to use the restroom, which is a normal occurrence in the night when you are growing a human in your abdomen.

But then it hit me.

Today’s the day.

The day we have the midway point ultrasound of our newest little one.

The day we hope to start referring to the baby as he or she.

There was no hope of going back to bed, because then my brain switched into 5th gear…”Holly, this means there is only about 4 and a half months until Baby Buxton arrives…do you understand what that means?”

My brain would not shut up and so I decided it would be fun to create a little poll.

I have gone back and forth…currently I am thinking it will be a boy. Maybe this is because I can only come up with boy names.

Since I have lived in so many different places, and have friends living all over the world, I thought it would be fun to see what all my friends think.

So I thought a little poll would fun.

Make your wager here and if you don’t mind leave a comment and say what your vote was and where you live so I can see who all voted and my kids can map it.  This will be super fun for my kiddos to map out all our friends and their votes! … Boy or Girl?