I’ve looked forward to celebrating my older sister’s 40th birthday for about 30 years now.  However, this evening I find myself very torn.  For some time now, I have been planning to dedicate a few posts on my blog in the month of May to Monta, my big sis.

 When I first had this idea of writing about Monta, it was simply to have a little fun writing about her for her big “Over the Hill” birthday in the month of May.  I could not pass up the perfect opportunity.

 Anyone who knows Monta well knows that she has two sides to her personality. 

 My sister is likely one of the most kind and compassionate people that has ever walked the face of the earth.  However, when you get to know Monta, it will not take you long to figure out that she loves to have fun….and often that fun involves a little sarcasm, a little pranking, and a little ‘one uping.’

 I have been waiting for May 22, 2011 for nearly 30 years.  You see, as Monta’s little sister, I was often the one who was the target of the sarcasm, prank, or one ‘up.’ 

 “You are such a PREteen,” sixteen year old Monta said to me at least a thousand times when I was 11 and 12 years old.  In my mind I remember thinking, “Someday.  Someday she will turn 40 and I will be the one laughing because I will only be 35!”

 That day has arrived.  It is payback time.

 I always thought I would be planning a party for my OLDER sister where everyone wears black and the gifts include Preparation H, Depends, and Polydent.  If anyone deserves a 40th birthday full of gag gifts and a few ‘roast’ comments it is Monta.

 Yet, tonight my heart is torn. 

 Instead my mind wants a very different thing for my sister for her 40th birthday. 

 As many of you reading this know, my sister will be having heart surgery next month.  Having been born with the heart defect pulmonary stenosis, Monta has lived 40 years longer than doctors thought she would when she was an infant.   

 The doctors now say it is time for Monta to get a new heart valve.

 Now my wishes for her 40th birthday are much different.  Instead of wearing black, it seems the color red would be more appropriate.  Gag gifts don’t seem quite as funny as I thought they would be.  Instead the gifts I really want to give her are hope and faith in the divine Healer.

 No doubt.  Monta is deserving of the traditional “Over the Hill” celebrating.  She has it coming.  But instead this 30 year party in the making has taken a drastic detour…..

 So Big Sis…Happy 40th birthday…and the next few posts are in honor of you!

 Beware.  You know you deserve whatever is to come!