As a mother I find myself feeling a hundred and one emotions a day.  Being a mother is quite the roller coaster ride.   In the same minute I can experience pride, frustration, rage, and peace.  Many nights I lay my head down on my pillow and ponder mistakes I made with my children that day. 

 “I should have played more with the kids today.”

“Oops, we forgot to do his spelling words!”

“Shoot, why did I raise my voice at her over such a little thing?”

“Am I teaching them enough about God’s Word?”

“I have got to remember to give the kids vitamins in the morning like every good mother should.”

 There are days that I feel like a total failure.  Then there are other days that God reminds me that He is the One molding my kids into the champions He wants them to be. He can do that even when their momma is not perfect.

 Today God reminded me of this.

 This past week my kids have been on Spring Break.    When I picked Caleb up from school the Friday before Spring Break, he let me know that we needed to pray for Ms. Dezell, his teacher, because  someone in her family was not doing well and she seemed very sad. 

This was the very same teacher who just weeks before had held my Caleb in her arms as he cried the day after we found out Joe’s grandmother, our Mema, had gone to be with Jesus.  Of course, I should be lifting Ms. Dezell up in my prayers.

 Truth be told.  .  .  I forgot to pray for her this past week.  I had the best intentions.  There was a card I was going to send.  I was going to have Caleb write her a note.  In the flexible schedule of Spring Break, I forgot.

 Today when I saw Caleb after school, I asked the usual question. “How was your day?”    

 “Momma, Ms. Dezell’s aunt passed away.  I went up to Ms Dezell and told her that me and Brooklynn and Mimi had been praying for her this past week.  She told me that I had made her day!”

 God is so much bigger than I could ever be.  While away at his grandmother’s house for Spring Break, Caleb made sure that they all prayed for Ms. Dezell.  I meant to remind him to do this…but I forgot.  There is such comfort in knowing that God is teaching my kids to share His love to others, even when I ‘fail’ to do so. 

 Tonight as I am about to lay my head to my pillow, I feel a deep sense of peace.  The parenting mistakes on my mind are overshadowed by the grace of the Lord.  Though I have a significant role to play in the spiritual lives of my children, I can never guide them into righteousness as their Heavenly Father can.

Caleb turned eight this month. I'm sure there will not be many more 'kissing' pictures in public. I am humbled that God chose me to help Him mold Caleb's heart to be like Jesus...