I have gotten behind on my posting about the book of John.  I’ve read through chapter 17, but have yet to post any thoughts on 16 & 17….it’s summer what can I say?     

 I sat down here to write out my thoughts on chapter 16 and before I got started, I saw that my sister had tagged me in a couple of Facebook pictures .  If you know my sister, you know why I felt it necessary to immediately check to see what incriminating picture of me she had uploaded for the ‘world’ to see in case I wanted to ‘untag’ myself    

 Here are the pictures I found….     

my big catch...be thankful you can't smell through the computer...I smelled even worse than I looked in this picture!


check out the cute rainboots my sis loaned me for my fishing adventure..


Lovely huh?  Actually I was very excited to see the pictures.  (even though I look like poo!)  Not to brag or anything….but that truly was the biggest fish I have ever caught (I’ve probably only caught 10 fish in my entire life!)    

 You see…I HATE fishing.  I honestly could put it on a list of the 10 activities I hate the most.  My personality and fishing do not blend well.  I don’t like baseball or softball for the very same reason.   I mean seriously…how in the world could a game that ends with scores of 1-0 possibly be considered exciting?  And how can the word ‘fun’ be attached to fishing when every time you go out you take the risk of coming up with no fish at all….    

 So…why did I go fishing this  past weekend ? One simple reason.  My sweet hubby.  Guess what his favorite past time is?….yep…fishing.  And guess what his favorite sport is?….you guessed it…baseball.    

 What is crazy about this is that I am a sport and outdoor loving gal.  And wouldn’t you know God hooked me up with a man who LOVES the two outdoor activities I don’t like.    

 It took a long time for my hubby to understand why I don’t like to go fishing.  Once when he asked me to go fishing, I painted this picture for him.  “Honey, I just don’t want to go.  It is grueling for me.  Not that I don’t’ love you….I think it is probably the same feeling you get when you have gone with me to Hobby Lobby when I just want to browse.”     

 For some reason he totally understood after I explained it that way!    

 So what is it about love that drives you to do things that you otherwise wouldn’t dream of doing if you were all alone in this world?  If it were not for my hubby, I would likely never own a fishing rod.  And I would bet a million dollars that if it were not for his love for me, he would NEVER darken the door of a craft store.    

 As I looked at those icky pictures of me and my fish, I actually got a little teary eyed.  (no…not because my make up was running and my hair was a mess!).  The tears were because I love my husband so much.  .  . and I actually got a tiny bit of enjoyment out of fishing this past weekend.  (shhhhh don’t tell him!)     

 I would have missed out on the joy of catching that big fish if I had given in to my own selfish desires and said ‘no’ once again to the one I love!    

 Reminds me of one of my favorite verses…    

 Philippians 2:4 (NASB)
 do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.    

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not dreaming about the ‘next big catch.’  Fishing didn’t bring me THAT much joy.  But I do think I’ll frame this picture and attach this verse to it because I have a tendency to forget to look out for the interests of others.    

 and for those of you hanging in there and studying through the book of John with me….I will try to get my thoughts on 16 and 17 up by the end of the week!  Until then…my job is calling…my favorite part of my ‘job’ as a stay at home momma is after lunch when we all pile in my bed together and read books before we have ‘rest time’….I’m thinkin’ I would have liked my teaching job a little more if I had had a built-in ‘rest time’ after lunch!