One of my sweet friends commented on my last post that I have it ‘all together’…well let me clear this up (are you listening Erica?)….I wish you could have been at my house today and you would know that this ponytail princess’s life and house is often anything but ‘all together’.  

So instead of the reflections on John chapter 10 that I was going to post today I decided to post a few REAL LIFE AT THE BUXTON’S pictures….enjoy!  

Today was one of those days that I did not make a list and I should have.  There was laundry to complete (Tuesday is my day I try to do all the kid’s laundry and yet it all still sits in baskets in the hall!).  My fridge needs to be cleaned out. Though there are a lot of things, none of it really goes together for a meal.  Today I really should have made my ‘May’ menu.  I have to make a menu each month or everyday at 5 o’clock I’m scrambling…like I did today!  I intended to cut coupons…my pile has gotten a little high…  

Today I got up with great intentions of completing a to-do list.  This morning I FINALLY set the alarm and got up to work out.  I’ve let myself get out of my usual morning exercise routine, but my hubby and I got up and worked out together this morning.  I was energized and ready to tackle the to-do list.   

However, I fell prey to the lure of crafting.  (I know you men have no idea what that is, but I’m sure it is similar to the pull you feel to the TV when you know there is a good game to watch.)  This past year I have met an amazing new friend named Lori.  Tuesday night she invited me to a party where she invited a ‘guest speaker’ who is a local artist who designs her own line of jewelry.  The Gleeful Peacock (you need to see her stuff…very cool!)  told us her amazing story of starting her own business and then taught us how to make coasters out of tile.     

So….there I sat at the ‘craftivist’ party (because we are all going to craft to have more money to give!) in awe of everyone else’s creativity.  Just as I feel inadequate when I go to a scrapbooking get together, I was overwhelmed with how good everyone else seemed to be and how slow and uncreative my brain is when it comes to creating crafts.  

The coaster I made at the party was a nightmare.  (Don’t worry you’ll see a picture of it below) Seriously, I KNOW everyone at the party was thinking, “bless her heart…maybe she’s a good cook!”.     

So, this morning my competitive and determined spirit kicked into overdrive.  I was going to prove to myself that I could make a cute coaster and that I would have money to give to the collection at the next craftivist party….so my day was not quite the productive day that I had planned, but I sure had a blast painting with my daughter.  And by the way….though my coasters are not Etsy material, I am confident that my family and son’s teacher will appreciate the thought…I mean it is the thought that counts, right?  

Enjoy real life at the Buxton’s!!  

pile of newspapers and coupons that I need to cut and recycle. not sure what the ken doll is doing there?


though the fridge looks full...half of it needs to be tossed. Notice there is no milk for tomorrow breakfast and the salad was bought two weeks ago when I intended to eat salad every day for lunch...ooops!


I moved the two baskets of laundry into the hall way thinking that if I tripped over them I would be mad enough to put the stuff away...didn't work! there they sit after 24 hours!

The top one is the coaster I made at the party (embarrassing huh?) The other two are todays flub ups that I let my daughter have after I messed them up! (Don't worry aren't getting it for mother's day!)


So what's for dinner tonight since I didn't think about it until 5? I always keep frozen fish, asparagus and corn on hand for days like these! Props to Aldi's and Sam's for keeping my family healthy...otherwise it would have been a Sonic night!


Set of 4 coasters that I made for my sis in law's bday...shhhh!


other coasters that I'll pass along as gifts! Happy mother's day y'all!


Supplies you need to make the coasters: I forgot to put the roll of cork in the pic (you hot glue cork on the back), 4 X 4 Tumbled Tile, Stamps, Paints, Paint sealer, Stayz on ink, Baby Wipes (if you are messy like me!)


Have a great night and remember…no matter how it looks NO ONE has it all together!