Most of you reading this likely know the circumstances my family has faced over the past week.  To be quite honest, the past month has been one of the most spiritually and emotionally exhausting times of my life.  So, I’ve given myself permission to condense my thoughts of chapters six and seven of John into one post.

 Last Wednesday morning, I opened up my Bible to read the sixth Chapter of John.   This was the first morning of the fast I am on and I got a big chuckle out of the very first verses being about FOOD!!! God can be quite funny can’t He?  As I continued reading the chapter I read about the disciples in the middle of a storm and Jesus’s words, “Do not be afraid.”  Once again timely words.  At that point in the day I had no idea what the rest of the day would entail, but those words would resonate in my heart as I found myself unable to go to sleep that night.

 You see, I was afraid.  In fact you might even say I was TERRIFIED.  After a conversation on the phone with my dad, I feared the worst would happen.  I really wanted to hope.  I was trying desperately to claim to the promises of God’s Word and find the ‘peace that surpasses all understanding’….yet I was scared.

 I was scared for my nephew.  At only a few days old, he was in ICU and had taken a turn for the worse.  Things did not look good.  I was terrified for my brother and his wife.  Memories of eighteen months ago came creeping back into my mind.  Another phone call.  This time it was from my mom in the late hours of the night.  Mom had just received a phone call from my sister-in-law who was in a hospital alone on the other side of the world and had found out that her daughter in her womb was dead.  Instead of flying over to bathe a new grand baby, my mom would get on a plane to go help my brother and his wife bury her.

 This past week reading the Bible was not about in-depth study.  I didn’t have the mental energy to cross-reference commentaries or do word studies.  Quite honestly as I read I did not think too much about anything except Jesus words in verse 20, “do not be afraid.” And in verse 35, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me shall not hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.”

 I’m afraid this week I will not be giving you any great theological insight (not that I ever do!)  I don’t really have any other thoughts to share except this….

 God still works miracles.  Miracles that cannot be explained by science or medicine.   Like the boy who gave Jesus the bread and the fish and the disciples who saw Jesus walk on the water, my precious nephew will have a story to tell of how he was healed with no medical explanation.  In the words of the doctor, “Your prayers must be powerful!”

 Friends…I am going to have to spend the rest of the week packing…we are moving (just across town) this weekend and I have TONS left to do.  So I won’t be posting anything on Chapter 7.  Please read it.  Journal about it.  Search out answers to your questions.  Then join me next week and I will pick up with chapter 8!

If you weren’t reading my blog back in December, maybe you would like to read about a miraculous healing I experienced in my life several year ago. 

Here’s some questions for Chapter 6.

 1.  Have you ever been in a situation that seemed impossible?  Do you usually turn to the Lord immediately in these circumstances or is God often a ‘last resort?’  What are the spiritual benefits of God allowing us to be in ‘impossible’ situations or circumstances?

 2.  Mark 6:52 tells us that the disciples had not gained any insight after the feeding of the 5000.  When facing trials, many believers forget the things that God has brought them through in the past.  Why is it important for us to gain wisdom from the experiences we go through in life?

 3.  On page 31 of Journey into Knowing Jesus, the author writes, “Like Judas and the crowd, many people today only want to come to Jesus for selfish reasons.  They fill large churches and convention centers to hear promises of financial prosperity and health.  Why should preachers and teachers be extremely careful we teaching on the subjects of prosperity and health?