I sat down to write out some things about the fast that I started last night but today is just not the day to write something serious.  As I am writing this my brand new nephew is on the other side of the world struggling just to breathe.  I take so much for granted. My healthy two kids I have.  My amazingly supportive husband.  My loads of friends. . .this list could continue for a long, long time… 

Instead, I’m going to share joy with you today, not my grief.  From my home to yours here’s some pictures that I hope will make you smile today!  

The snow was fun the first few times this winter. But I truly have had enough! However, it sure was fun watching Pete play around in the snow...white dogs and melting snow...not a good combination!


I am not an animal lover. Never have been. But my word!!! Who couldn't love this thing?


My son turned seven. He seems to have the same response to sister kisses as my own brother did!


The Scooby Doo chia pet seemed like a perfect gift for a sister to give a brother ...only one problem...


a mother who is not known for her green thumb! Seriously...I didn't know you could even kill a chia pet!


We went to Branson to celebrate our son's bday and his MiMi took him to RideMakerz to build a truck...bless his heart notice there is another camera shooting at him from the other side!


Daddy had just as much fun with the truck building as C did!


Has it really been seven years?


baby sister had sold a few toys so that she would have spending money of her own for the trip!


This is the first hotel stay for my kids. When they went to the restroom one of them picked up a bar of soap and asked, "What's this for?" The other replied "i think you wash your hands with it...let me show you."


Nothing like smores to make you smile! my sister's girl got to spend Spring Break with us...love that girl!


When I went to my sister's over spring break, I was jealous of her cute prayer journals...so I dug around my supplies, splurged (3 bucks!) on a plastic folder and cute dividers & redesigned my prayer journal! My sis will be proud!


B has lost her two bottom teeth!


The tooth the tooth fairy lost...found just in time!!! Can you see it??? my newest addiction...mojo de ajo...can make me smile even on the gloomiest days!

Even though life has been tough for my family the past few weeks, I am reminded to count my blessings.  God is in control.  Indeed I am blessed and have much in my life to smile about!