Since this is my first online group to lead, I have spent a lot of time thinking and praying about the best way to organize it.  I set up the Facebook page and am happy to see so many people participating in the group.  However, I know there are many readers of my blog who are not a part of the Bible study, so I felt that I should find a way to merge the two groups….

So, here’s my ‘blogging’ plan (for now anyway) :). . .

I will post three blogs each week.  One of the posts will be directly related to the John Bible study.  The other two will be more general.  There are several things I would like to write about based on questions from readers.  So, on Monday or Tuesday I plan on making a post that will answer some of those questions.  I have a list of topics I will write about including prayer, quiet times, fasting, and church.   

Then on Wednesday or Thursday I will be about what I have discovered in the book of John.  I will pose questions for the Bible study group and challenge you in areas related to the reading for the week.

Those of you who followed me on this blog in November and December kept mentioning to me that you enjoyed reading my ‘ramblings’ (my own term) about my everyday life.  So, by Friday or Saturday I will try to post something light-hearted and fun for you to read and share pictures from my ponytail princess life!  I already know what I’m going to share with you this week…but you’ll have to wait.  Get ready to laugh at me!  (it’s okay…I was raised in a family that required me to develop tough skin and I don’t mind people laughing at the way I fumble through life!)  For those of you who have just ‘met’ me because you signed up for the Bible study, I thought this would be a fun way to give you a peek into the ‘real life’ of your leader!

So, later today I will post something I have been working on related to prayer.  Some of you have asked me to share about my prayer journal that I mentioned in an earlier blog.  Honestly I have never really opened up my prayer journals to anyone (even Joe has had limited access to them!!).  After years of struggling in my prayer life, I finally came up with a system I use that helps me to pray consistently and effectively. 

Some of you have shared with me that you have struggled with prayer because you really weren’t sure how to pray.  I truly believe that prayer is a habit.  .  . training our minds to turn to prayer instead of worry.  For those of you who struggle, perhaps a prayer journal might be a good way to start. 

Stayed tuned and I’ll give you a peek into my prayer journal (censored version of course!!!)

Praying for all of you