It is almost time to say ‘go!’  but first….

a few introductory suggestions from Holly…..

 I realize that the group I have assembled to do this Bible Study is made up of some who I would classified as Bible scholars who are using this time to thoroughly dive into the book of John. Some of you are believers who have struggled in your walk with the Lord and haven’t spent daily time in His Word in many years.  There are others in this group that have likely never consistently read the Bible. 

Some in the group are looking forward to the next few months as a time of intensive study, and you will likely spend hours in the book of John each week.  Others of you are at a point in your life where you don’t have hours to devote to Bible Study and you are just looking for the accountability of others to help you spend a few minutes in the Word of God each day.  Still others of you are just getting to know Jesus and are hungry to know more about Him.

Below I am going to recommend three levels for this Bible Study…the great thing is that this is between you and God.  But…once you pray about it and commit to that level, be disciplined and do it….the results will be eternal.

Beginner Level: (or the mothers of infants level 🙂 !)  Read the Bible passage from the book of John that relates to the week’s lesson in Journey into Knowing Jesus (JIKJ).  Complete the lesson in JIKJ.  Read my blog and visit the Facebook site (more info about that is below) if you have time.  I highly recommend you go buy yourself a new little notebook to use as a prayer journal for this journey…you will want to record how God speaks to you so that you can look back on it later in life when you need encouragement.

Intermediate Level: Do the same as the beginner level, except read the chapters in the book of John each day.  If you don’t already have a daily time with the Lord…put it in your schedule and make it a priority.  Pick out a verse in the reading each week that you can meditate on or memorize.  Write in your prayer journal several times a week.

Advanced Level: (for those of you into Kay Arthur or Beth Moore and have hours each week to study)  Do the same as the intermediate Level except dig deeper into each word and phrase in the book of John.  Do word studies (  Read from different versions each day.  If you have a friend that is doing this study also, call them up and discuss what you are discovering.  Be a prayer warrior for others in this group who may not have the amount of time that you do to study or pray.

Though I know many of you have commented that the words I have written have touched your heart, the words I write could never change your heart like the inspired written Word of God can.  Midweek each week I plan to post some of my own thoughts on this blog.  I challenge you to read the Bible and JIKJ BEFORE you read my blog each week.  

Facebook group:  Those of you who are my ‘friend’ on Facebook should have received an invitation to join a private group for our Bible study.  If you are not my ‘friend’ or did not get the invitation, you can do a search for the group Journey Into Knowing Jesus and then send a request to me to join.  Some of you many not be into Facebook, and that is totally fine!  I just thought this would be a fun way for some of us to see the faces of others in the group.  This will also be a place where you can make prayer requests and join in on discussion questions that I put up each week.

So….what do you do first?  Read the first chapter of John.  If you already have JIKJ set aside time this next week to read the first lesson.  I am going to begin doing those two things starting tomorrow…February 14th…

Love is in the air!    Get ready, get set and…..GO!!!!