Okay….so this is my first online group to try to organize so I am likely to make a lot of missteps along the way…I apologize in advance.  I have a basic plan that I will use for the group, but that is likely to change as we go along as I see what is working and what is not…

I have a list from my mom of everyone who has ordered a book thus far and I look over the list in awe of how God has brought such a group together.  I plan to post a blog tomorrow that will kick off our study.  However, I want to make sure that I have a complete list of those joining us and I would like to have everyone’s email so that I can communicate privately if needed.  So, if you haven’t already, click on the subscription icon to the right and sign up to receive emails when I post a new blog.  When you do this, it allows me to have your email.

And there is still time to order and get your book by the end of next week which would not put you behind.  So if you still want to join us you can find out how to order a book here

Until then, I have a 1st grade Valentine party to attend, a 5-year-old Valentine tea party to prepare for, and a valentine basket for my sweetie to finish up…I know I said I didn’t like Valentine day didn’t I?  I guess my love/hate relationship with the holiday is similar to all holidays.  I hate the commercialization and the money that companies try to squeeze out of me.  But I LOVE any opportunity to do something special for my family and to tell them how much I love them and how much more that Jesus loves them….

Come to think of it, I actually ENJOY filling my Valentine storage tub up in the weeks AFTER Valentine’s day with items from 75% off clearance racks.  And I get great excitement out of opening up the tub the following February to use the stuff I bought the year before……  hmmmm now that I think about it I kinda do like Valentine’s Day….just my personal version of it!  

much love (not the Hallmark sappy version…the true Jesus kind) to you all!!!