so I write a lot of letters to jesus…most too personal to share on a forum such as this…but I thought I’d share this one…in the wake of what has happened in Haiti I figured many of us share the same emotions  as we hear the stories of the poverty and pain ….come jesus come!!!

Dear Lord Jesus—

On a day like today when there are so many questions in this crazy mind of mine, oh how I wish You would join me tonight in this quiet living room.  I guess if I am inviting the King of Kings for a visit, I should be a bit embarrassed by the extra mattress stored in the entry way because there just isn’t anywhere else in this tiny house to store it.  And I suppose this broken couch I’m sitting on that I bought at a garage sale many years ago isn’t much compared to your royal throne.  And of course, tonight my hair is in a ponytail but somehow I think you wouldn’t mind.

There is so much my mortal mind cannot conceive.  So many questions.  So much in this world of injustice that I do not understand.  I need Your light to see.

Sitting in my favorite coffee shop today, enjoying every sip of my $2.00 coffee and every minute of coloring Scooby Doo with my daughter, I just couldn’t keep my focus.  Though I was in the company of my favorite girl in the world and had divine beverage in hand, I found that my attention  was focused on the people and conversations all around.  The well to-do woman in her Juicy Couture workout clothes talking about her new pair of Jimmy Choo’s.  The countless number of people coming and going ordering their lattes with their pocket change.  The business women discussing just how to get an edge in their field and increase their profit margins.

Though maybe I could never afford to even look at a pair of Jimmy Choo’s and I have to settle for the regular coffee over the latte, I sat there feeling so blessed.  While on other days I might feel the temptation to feel a bit jealous or dream of the day I too might order the latte, today I sat there feeling so rich.

 I began wondering just what You think of all of us sitting sipping our java as so many of Your children on this Earth You created are suffering.  So many who would give anything for just a cup of clean water.  Does it break Your heart?  Forgive us Lord if we could do more.

 Please Lord teach me to have a heart that breaks like Yours.  Living in this blessed nation, it is so easy to forget those who are hurting.  My mind quickly turns from the heart wrenching images of  orphans longing for something to eat and mothers holding their dying children to my own ambitions and dreams that I have for my family in this wealthy nation I have the privilege of calling my home. 

Do I really fathom how blessed I am to enjoy such a moment in a place I love, drinking my favorite beverage, and in the company of my well nourished daughter?

Tonight as I sit in this warm and quiet living room, not quite fit for a King, I can see how rich I am. 

Your child