I know some of you are waiting on the ‘rest of the story’…but as I was working on writing it out I had to take a break to celebrate what is going on in my life today.  Honestly, it is not the life that I ‘dreamed of’ but it is the very amazingly blessed life that God dreamed for me and there is no other place I’d rather be than celebrating my Savior’s birth with these three people…the loves of my life!  Enjoy a little Christmas chaos at the Buxton household!

Three days behind schedule (like anything is ever on schedule in this house!), the ornaments made their way out of the boxes.  And yes for those of you who have been following my insanity, do you notice the tiny label on the side of the box?…got crazy with the label maker last January!!  I almost didn’t post this one because just look at me…I’m a mess.  It is six o’clock in the evening and I look like it is six a.m.   Plus my hubby hates the OU sweatshirt that I have had since college…pre Joe I was a Sooner fan!

My photographer has a difficult time remaining serious . . . this one is for my roomie Kim who is now a dentist.  I married a man with all 32 teeth and he has NEVER had a cavity…grrrr says the girl with a mouth of teeth that cost my parents a fortune to fix!

The finished product.  Hmmm…I’m not sure what the conversation between those two was but I’m sure it was full of love and generosity (wink, wink).

I try to keep the xmas crafts easy at our house.  While I was cooking whole wheat waffles (my first time to make them from scratch and I feel my family has been deprived all these years!), Joe helped the kids finish up the Rudolph and Clarice candycanes that C is giving to his classmates at school….One of the things I LOVE teaching my kids is how to take advantage of opportunites at school to share Jesus.  Having been a public school teacher for five years, my heart jumps with excitement when I hear the stories C tells me about how he is sharing Jesus with his friends.  We are attaching the “candy cane legend” to each of these candy canes so all his classmates will get to read about the love that Jesus has for them…

The ponytail princess was too cheap to buy brown pipe cleaners when I had perfectly good white ones that could be colored…so my perfectionist had the job of transforming the pipe cleaners from white to brown.  Some of you who knew me in high school and college may never believe this but….I made that hairbow.  I was way too cheap to purchase hairbows at the overpriced boutiques, so God blessed me with an amazing friend who helped me out as I was trying to learn how to make them.  (This friend will enter the story I’m telling later…and you will adore her!  Another friend my momma prayed into my life!)   So if you ever need bargain hairbows…the ponytail princess is your gal!!!

Such a MAN…doing not so spiritual things with the candy canes!!  But oh how I LOVE THIS MAN!!!  And for some reason he would not let me make the antlers…I did not make them big enough, so I stuck to the waffle making!

B was excited that she “cheated” and hid the Rudolf book when we wrapped them so that it would be the first book she opened…

Blessings to each of you.  I hope you are making treasured memories with your little ones too.  And if you have any cheap, easy xmas ideas that your family does…please share…I’m never too proud to steal ideas!!