worry no longer…the buxton’s have lights.  Thanks be to Walgreen’s.  It’s a morning like this morning that makes me remember why I chose to pinch pennies and stay at home with my kids instead of teaching other people’s middle school lovelies!  I spent the morning teaching B how to wrap lights around a tree and we wrapped presents all while sipping down our hot chocolate.  And she has decided she is going to be Daddy’s secret Santa, so there is a carefully wrapped piece of gum on the table…C couldn’t have all the fun!

Notice all the gifts under the tree.  If a thief breaks in he will be very disappointed.  B and I wrapped up all our Christmas books and put them under the tree.  The kids are going to get to pick one a day to unwrap and read..another fabulous stolen idea I used!  (since I have over 30 xmas kids books that I had picked up at garage sales for a dime 0r quarter each this summer, I was thrilled to come across this idea!)