Before I continue the story I began yesterday, I must pause to tell you a little about what happened in the Buxton household last night.  I had spent the day preparing to make a sweet Christmas memory with my little family of four.  The Christmas tree was ‘supposed’ to have been decorated two nights ago…that was what was on my Christmas advent activity plan.  However, I mentioned in a previous post that we didn’t get around to it.  My sweet husband did pull the box down out of the attic and the kids helped him put the tree up.  Yesterday I bought hot cocoa and Braum’s peppermint ice cream.  I had the “significance of the tree and lights” all ready to read.  The xmas Cd was in the player.  I was ready to ‘point my kids to Christ at Christmas’.  (that’s a little sarcastic because so many people make a huge deal out of this…I have found that if you are pointing kids toward Christ in the other 11 months of the year, they don’t have to have activities, games, crafts, and stories for them to get the meaning of Christmas.   I love doing those things with my kids during Christmas time, but those things are NOT the things that will point the kids to Christ…that should be done 365 days a year through relationship not activity…okay off my soapbox now!)

 There was a huge interruption to my plan.  I had forgotten to test the lights for the tree.  You guessed it….not a single strand worked, even after Joe worked on them a bit.  While working on the lights, the TV was on and the evening Christmas specials started.  My kids were glued to the TV.  So an evening that was supposed to be filled with making Christmas memories and ‘pointing my kids toward Christ’ was turned into an evening watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  Many of you know that I am a Snoopy collector.  I even have an entire tree dedicated to my Snoopy ornaments (which is still in the attic).  But I was a bit jealous last night.  Linus stole my thunder.  I was supposed to be the one ‘pointing my kids toward Christ!’  grrrr…  Maybe I’ll just let that Peanuts Christmas box stay up in the cold attic!

 Okay, I’ll continue the serious story in the next post so that this post does not turn into a novel.  For now I must go prepare a Secret Santa gift.  My son is having a blast taking secret Santa gifts to his school teacher each day.  Yep that was an idea that I pulled out of my own brain (usually my best ideas are stolen!).  I was a public school teacher for five years.  I got some hilarious Christmas gifts from parents and kids…homemade facial scrub (YUK!!!), used stuffed animals, cheesy ornaments, horrible smelling candles.  I would start in October reminding my students how much I LOVED coffee and that my favorite thing to get at xmas was Starbucks giftcards.  I even included it as a question on my semester final that we would study for during the entire week before Christmas break  Since I taught middle school, I always ended up with several gift cards from students.  Maybe that is selfish, but I told you I was honest!!!  Your child’s teachers will thank me for revealing what they really want…stuff they will use!!

 So this year I decided to make the teacher gift giving a two week event…GOOD gifts (most I have collected on my couponing adventures…so I got them for pennies!)   that we wrap up each day and C secretly places it in the classroom for his teacher to find.  This has turned into fun for the entire class (and for this momma )!  Grand finale gift for the big Secret Santa reveal…a starbucks gift card of course!

 Blessings to you this morning.  Thanks for being patient with my detour this morning.  If you haven’t read your Bible this morning, why don’t you pick it up (or go to and read Philippians 3.  I will be writing about this passage in my next post.  Those words worked miracles in my life during the difficult time I will be telling you about.  Until then, have fun ‘pointing your kids toward Christ’ today and every day!


You can imagine how Joe and I laughed as we watched the Charlie Brown Christmas and then looked over at our own ‘Charlie Brown’ tree…yep that is really what our tree looks like!!  Pitiful isn’t it.  But after listening to Linus’s sermon, the Buxton family may just keep the tree looking just like this!  (okay sweet sis of mine Monta, before you come over for a tree intervention…I AM JUST KIDDING…we will decorate it!)