Yesterday was a good day.  A really good day.  A sweet lady we went to church with in Missouri used to always say to me, “Every day is a good day.  Some are just better than others.”  If she only knew how much I need to believe that some days!

 Many of you have prayed intently for the past year that a great opportunity would open up for Joe.  For those of you that don’t know, Joe has been working as a psychological clinician at a teenage boy’s prison for the past two years.  His first year was actually very fulfilling and rewarding for him.  He worked on a unit that consisted of young men (most were gang members) who had committed burglaries and some had murdered.  Joe’s quiet gentle spirit was just what those boys needed in their lives.  Most of them had never had a father figure in their lives.  Joe rocked their worlds.  In fact, Joe REALLY wanted to adopt one of them….Joe tells me it has nothing to due with the fact that Division One powerhouse football teams had started talking to this particular inmate at age 15!!!  I’m sure the thought of having a son in the NFL had nothing to do with his desire to want to adopt him!

 Things changed last spring.  With state cut backs, new people were not being hired and when the clinician on the sexual offender unit left, Joe was reassigned to that unit because the job had to be done by a male and the huge majority of people in the counseling world are female.  So Joe was the man.

 Joe knew going into it that it was not a match for him, but he also knew that it is not a prime time to be looking for a new job so he gave it his best go.  Since the spring we have prayed for God to open up doors for him.  Though it did not happen as fast as we wanted, the doors opened wide a few weeks ago and Joe got to begin his new job yesterday.  The job is a great match for him.  So yesterday was a REALLY good day for our family.

 I spent yesterday fasting and praying, thanking God for His faithfulness.  Every time I fast, it takes me back to the time when I first learned about the power of fasting and praying.  I grew up in church my whole life and I was never taught about the discipline of fasting.  During my senior year of college, I went through one of the darkest times of my life (I know I’ve promised to share more about it and I promise I will in the next post!!!).  God had orchestrated my life such that I would be living with an amazing young woman who would also be going through a dark time.  Together we went on a journey through pain that led us both to another level of intimacy with the Father above.  I will share more about this friend in my next post.  You need to know Christa.  God has done miracles in her life too.

 For now remember, “Every day is a good day.  Some are just better than others!”

 Oh and on a side note…yesterday this momma was supposed to spend the evening putting up the xmas tree and ornaments with the kids.  It was on my little advent calendar of activities I made up for our family this year.  I have decided that advent will start for our family after dec. 6, which is B’s bday.  Guess everything will have to be pushed back a day…and I WILL not allow myself to think I’m a bad mom for it…yesterday was indeed a good day even if the tree is not up like I had planned!!!