One of the reasons I was so hesitant to begin my blog site was because I knew that my inspiration to write comes and goes.  Somedays the things I think and write are not something I want revealed to the world.  (interruption of thought…I just looked up and saw a rather large female Starbucks barista leaning over and  saw my very first female plumber’s crack…does she know?  Wow.  Should I go tell her?  Wow)  Okay back to the blog writing.

I have been working very diligently on my 40 day challenge.  Much of the work has been mental work.  Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I was not able to stop and write much.  The things I have been working on are quite personal and I am not sure exactly how much of it I will share on a blog…I will see how I can formulate it onto a blog to protect the ‘innocent!’ Many of the readers of this blog have emailed me to tell me how it is helping them deal with things in their own life.  I don’t want to hold back if something I write can help one of you…so I’ll see what I can do tonight and tomorrow and I maybe I can share with you how I was able to triumph over two extremely painful events in my life.  Both of these painful things occurred within two years of each other…those two years were the two years before I married Joe.  I have been revisiting those events because it is those two things that solidify in my mind that Joe is the man I want to be married to for the rest of my life.  Even on days that I feel like throwing him out the window, I can revisit those two painful events and realize what a blessed woman I am to have him in my life.

So, since the next couple of blogs look to be rather heavy, I’ll end this blog with a light hearted picture diary of Thanksgiving Buxton/Higle style (because you can take away a girl’s name but you can’t take the name out of the girl!)


C is proudly displaying one of his school creations.  Though on the outside he is the spitting image of myself, his personality is much more like his father…almost every other student got up and read their poem to the class full of kids and parents…not C…not in a million years…he is his father’s child!

Mum & Poppa arrived the night before Thanksgiving to go get B’s bday gift.  In the pic, B is anticipating her birthday surprise.  She is waiting to see the present that she asked her Poppa to get her for her birthday.  You’re gonna love this….

her wish:  a comfy bed…poor child.  She sleeps in the daybed that I got for my 14th bday and it still had the same mattress.  Since the mattress was 15 years old (hehehehe)…she decided she was too good for it and that she needed a new one for her bday….of course I loved it because it meant I didn’t have to buy the mattress…she was soooo excited!

The Cochran’s arrived and Monta forced everyone to stay in their good clothes until I could snap a picture of them before lunch…I love them!!!!

my sweet turkey following his mother in law’s orders to carve the bird….(i’m not sure whose idea the apron was…but Joe is very submissive when it comes to his MIL)

older sister gets credit for the precious place cards…she still thinks i can’t handle things on my own!!!  (shhh don’t tell her but I can’t!!!!)

This is what the men do.  They had already inspected the Sears black friday ad so there is nothing else to do but watch football!

c & b muster up some love for each other.  after a post lunch walk we changed gears for a classic ponytail princess birthday party (one that can be put together in one day planning and 5 minutes of set up!)

love this pic…I used to want ‘perfectly posed’ pictures…now these are the ones I love best…me in my sweats, C making faces,  B striking a pose, and Joe going along with whatever I ask (well sort of!)

one of my faves from the week…B enjoying everyone singing to her…this girl has no idea how blessed she is!

somehow these two have convinced me that black friday shopping is fun…i hate shopping, but for some reason i go along.  in fact i actually sort of look forward to going now.  i am a bargain hunter to the core, but i don’t enjoy doing it with the entire city!!!  Ponytails and tennis shoes are a must on these days…even for my fashionista sis!

Joe went to his parent’s farm for the weekend with the kids so that he could take Caleb on his first deer hunt.  I wore the OSU socks shopping on Saturday in hopes that they would be lucky socks and the Pokes would pull out a win over the Sooners…that didn’t happen.  So I prayed that a deer would work with me so that I wouldn’t have to live with a man who hadn’t killed a deer and whose team had lost the biggest game of the year!

This is a reality pic for ya…can anyone tell me why before everyone arrived, I had steamcleaned the carpet of my quaint little rent house.  Noone would even see the carpet because of the beds & bags!

Since I was home alone on Sunday, I made a CVS/Walgreen’s run and played the drugstore game…if I were a good couponer I would be able to tell you my exact cost, savings, rewards, etc…Let’s just say I feel like I stole from them!  I payed somewhere between 30.00 and 35.00 total from both stores and came away with all this loot that are necessities and xmas gifts and then I still have about 18.00 of store credit to give Joe to go buy my stocking stuffers with!  i’m a little addicted to this ‘game’!

I would love to be able to say this is my 2nd pie I made for Joe, but I should be honest.  This is the special pie his mom makes for him to take home from Thanksgiving each year…I pinched the crust and dabbed the pumpkin a little so it didn’t look quite so perfect!  See why I never even wanted to attempt making one!!!

I must give a shout out to the little buck that sacrificed his life for the meat we will eat this winter, the antlers that will be a part of my living room decor (do you see them in the pic?) and made my life much more joyous this week because I have a partially (too bad OSU didn’t work with me too!) satisfied husband!

Finally (aren’t you glad) I must give a shout out to the makers of this coffee who made Black Friday shopping possible!  I promise my next post will not have so many pictures!!!