Thought I’d share a few pictures from the past couple of days… but before I do, I feel like I better apologize.  After exposing my frustrations about the blogging world (you know how I dislike only seeing the wonderfulness of everyone else’s life and rarely seeing the not so wonderful…why are we so scared to expose our ‘real’ life?), I stumbled onto my own photo albums in Facebook and I realized that I am THE WORST OF THE WORST!  99% of the pictures I share on Facebook are the best of the best of the Buxton world.  Now to be honest there are a lot of great things about living in the Buxton household…but it looks like I AM one of those people whom I get frustrated with when I get on social sites.  From my pictures you may get the false impression that I have it all together.  So, in case I too have given you the wrong impression of life in the Buxton house, let me clear it all up….the pictures don’t tell the whole story.  Now I must brag on my Jesus…He has given me a VERY blessed life.  However, one thing my household is not is perfect. 

So I decided it is time to post some ‘balanced’ pictures…some of my successes and some of my “not so much” as this ponytail princess tries to make some sense out of this crazy life of mothering and wifeying!

Success...November menu & food inventory

Yep.  I wasn’t joking when I said that I am obsessed with organization and categories.  I would like to be able to say that this gets done every month.  But, in 2009 I have only managed to do it 4 out of 11 months so far (about to start on Dec…I hope to make it 5).  Truly I am  a more calm mother/wife when i have these hanging on the fridge.  I am a lot more fun to live with when I don’t ask the question every afternoon, “hmmmm, what is there in the cabinet so I can decide what to make for dinner tonight?”  I won’t take the time to explain all the details of how I do menus unless someone asks.  Until then let’s move on to a ‘not so much!’…..

'not so much' : my kitchen when I cook or bake

To be clear, I DID NOT POSE THIS PICTURE.  I stopped midway through preparing dinner and said to myself, “Self, this is photo op moment.”  So with flour all over my shirt (because even though I have an apron I never remember to wear it!) and eyes crying from the onions, I took a moment to grab the camera so I could share the moment with you!  Now, I do need to give myself a little credit.  We live in a rental house with VERY little room to work in the kitchen.  As we have been looking at homes to possibly buy in the near future, I have decided that you DEFINITELY can judge a house by its kitchen counter space!

Success...I've conditioned my kids to eat weird things like spinach

All the force feeding my kids as toddlers did pay off…they love sweet potatoes and won’t even touch white mashed potatoes.  They are almost as addicted to avocado dip as I am.  My kids will actually eat asparagus and cauliflower (two things I would not touch as a child!).  One of the things my kids eat is spinach.  I love wilting spinach and putting it in recipes.  I had always wanted to make a spinach quiche, so this month it was on the menu for one of our weekly ‘breakfast for dinner’ Thursdays.  Now I must confess…I do not like eating breakfast food for dinner, but since it is easy to do and the hubby & kids love it…I do it every Thursday.   Why Thursday??  Thursday is movie night with Daddy at our house.  My sweet hubby allows me to ‘disappear’ every Thursday evening when he gets home from work.  So I sometimes cook the fam pancakes and treat myself to something while I am out on the town!

not so much...a very amateur attempt at making a pie crust

I chose to finally make a quiche because I needed to practice making a pie crust.  My husband LOVES pumpkin pie.  I have NEVER made a pie.  Not even with store bought crust.  Part of my hesitation comes from the fact that my hubby’s mom makes him his own special pumpkin pie every thanksiving and xmas.  If he is not there on those holidays, the pie is frozen and given to him at his next visit (i know, i know, i could say something snide here but i won’t because I’m supposed to be working on being a ‘good’ wife in these 40 day!)  Oh but I must add that it is not JUST an ordinary pie.   There are precious, perfectly crafted pie dough creations that adorn the top of his pie (leaves, xmas bells, etc). Being the thoughtful daughter in law that I am (hehehehe) ….I would never want to steal my mother-in-law’s thunder by making a pie.  (excuses, excuses I know!)

But the other day a strange thought popped into my head, “you need to make Joe a pie as a part of your challenge”.  I laughed out loud for real.  The thought kept resurfacing so I finally said to myself, “okay, okay….i’ll see what I can do! But don’t be expecting perfect looking crinkles on the edges and daintly little dough creations on top…you’ll just be disappointed!”

So I ran over to my friend Amy’s website (for you Marietta natives…this is Nort’s wife…you won’t believe who Shane snagged!) because I remembered from facebook that she was a pie maker.  Funny thing…I don’t really know Amy that well…but she married into one of my favorite familys in the entire world…she may not even know this fact but…she married the guy who took me on my first ‘date’.  It was only the church’s youth Valentine day banquet and my older sister and Shane’s older sister (who are BFFs) convinced us to go together.  Bless Shane’s heart…you should have seen my that’s a picture you should see …too bad the scanner is broken!

Back to the point…sorry for the trip down memory lane!….I snagged her pie crust recipe and decided I would make my first homemade pie crust for my quiche so that I could practice for the pumpkin pie I plan to have waiting on Joe when he gets home from work Tuesday night…SHHHH don’t tell…he wouldn’t believe you even if you let the secret out. 

So the imperfect pie crust in the picture is a ‘not so much’ to look at but it really was yummy.  Especially my piece that I topped with Feta cheese…now that’s a breakfast for dinner I don’t mind eating! time in the back yard getting Caleb excited about his first deer hunt

I’ll include one more success in this picture (this is for you Aunt Stiney!).   My daughter is wearing a consignment sale Gymboree outfit that cost me 5 dollars total and she is playing with a box full of my little ponies and my son’s castle… ponies and Castle cost me about 3 bucks thanks to my summer garage sale addiction. 

not so much...the pumpkin we forgot to carve for Halloween

Though we had a blast this Halloween, I was far from having it “all together” .  Mid November rolled around and the pumpkins still sat uncarved on our fire place.  Notice the lovely mold on top!  Gross!!!!!!  But I think I may have turned this “not so much” into a success and may have started a new family tradition….I’ll close with my final success picture!

Success...carving pumpkins with an air soft gun...perhaps our new family tradition!