You would think that what I am about to write would be obvious to someone like me.  I have loved Jesus since before I could even read the words of the Bible.   The Holy Spirit has been my guide, my comfort, and my power since the day of my salvation from the death grip sin had on my life.  You might imagine that someone like me who has victoriously overcome some of life’s greatest challenge, like the loss of a child to miscarriage, a broken marriage engagement, and disownment by family members, could easily tackle the challenge of losing a relatively small amount of weight.   For someone who has experienced victory over those huge obstacles, it seems that losing a measly 15 or 20 pounds would almost be a ‘no-brainer’. 

 Every one is looking for the ‘secret’ remedy to help them lose weight.  Drug stores are packed with products claiming to be that secret.  If you are like me, there is no shortage of exercise videos and equipment in your house.  I will even admit that I have ordered a couple of things after watching an infomercial that claimed that their product would be the answer I had been looking for in my search for the secret to help me lose those nagging pounds.  (anyone else willing to admit you have wasted money buying after listening to those crazy infomercial gimmicks?…do tell me if you have because it would make me feel like less of an idiot!!)  I have tried several of those products and experienced what many of you have…success for a short period.  In the beginning, I would experience success, but the excitement of the new ‘secret weapon’ would wear off and I would find myself in the exact same physical state I was in before I spent a lot of money on what I just knew would be the answer.

 I told you in a previous post that I had made goals for 2009 and some of those goals were health related.  The first couple of months of the year I was finding myself working out more and being more conscious of what was going in my mouth.  As a result a couple of pounds were shed.  The five pound weight loss was exciting but by the time March rolled around I found my motivation low and when I looked at pictures of myself, I was still consumed with the extra weight I was carrying. 

 In March I was approached about helping with a fitness challenge at my church.  (side note…I love my church… check out the discussion they are moderating at ).  The women’s ministry team had taken applications to fill a handful of spots on two weight loss challenge teams they were creating.  Several women were to be chosen.  The chosen ladies would be announced in April and be assigned to two church members who were personal trainers.  The chosen ladies would be a part of what they were calling the “You Can Do It!” 12 week challenge, two teams competing until July to see who could lose the most weight.  Applications flooded in and the leadership team was overwhelmed with how to choose when so many women wanted and needed help in the area of losing weight.  I agreed to head up the “at home” team which consisted of the women who were not chosen for the two trainer’s teams.  Through facebook, email, and a lot of prayer, I did my best to encourage the 50 plus ladies to press on and reach their goals for the twelve week challenge.  Little did I know that I would be one of the ones that would see the greatest success in this challenge.  Yes, there was the physical success of weight loss, but the real victory was found for me in the spiritual realm.  As I prayed over these women during that time, the Holy Spirit began working on my own heart and revealing to me the error in the way I had been approaching my own health goals.

 I figured the best way to share with all of you the journey that my soul went on during those weeks is to share some of the devotionals I wrote during that time.  After spending literally hundreds of dollars on gimmicks and spending several years frustrated as I looked in the mirror, I finally realized that I have always had in my possession the secret weapon in the battle to lose weight.

 So over the next few posts I will be sharing devotions that I wrote during a time that the Lord was transforming my approach to losing weight.  There are several devotions so I don’t want to overwhelm you.  I challenge you to not just read the next few things I post as ‘your crazy friend’ Holly on another of her adventures in conquering life with the Word of God.  From the very core of who I am, I have a desire to help people loosen the grip that the evil one has on their mind and heart.  Until this year I have never truly experienced my own spiritual victory in the area of weight and self image.  However, I had never fought the battle from the inside out.  These days I wear something very different when I workout.  Underneath my workout clothes and ponytail, I am armed with battle gear…something much more important than the Under Armour all the ‘cool’ athletes wear…This ponytail princess now attacks a workout dressed in the armor of God, and is better prepared for the arrows that the evil one slings at my heart and mind.