After totally straying from the point of this blog in my last post, I will do my best to stick to the point of this blog…recording my journey on my 40 day challenge and sharing it with others so that I am being held accountable.  I believe that in my last post I intended to begin sharing more details of how I am handling the list that the hubby made for me.  I decided that I would first share about my journey this year in the area of health and fitness, because that is one of the things on the list that I have been working on this entire year and the one that I feel most confident about exposing to the “world” on a blog.

 My sweet, amazing friend Jill (I could write an entire blog about the incredible friends I have had in my life.  God has always sent me just the right friend at just the right time in my life.  My mom always told us that one of her biggest prayers for us since we were children was that we would have great, godly friends that would influence us for good….another entire blog…my parents…two imperfect people doing their best to raise world changers…sooo many stories I could share on that blog but maybe I’ll wait until they have ‘met their maker’ so that I don’t lose my inheritance for sharing ‘family secrets’ hehehehehe!)  Oh yeah, my friend Jill.  Tears are filling my eyes as I think about what a God-send Jill was.  We literally shared a back porch at seminary for two years and our sons were the best of buddies, so we probably would be classified as more than friends.  In those two years we became more like “co-parents” to each other’s kids because we had revolving back doors.  Jill and I had also become somewhat of accountability partners for each other in our marriages.    After we moved from seminary we decided to continue to ‘spur’ each other along in our lives by email and reading books together.  When 2009 rolled around Jill emailed me asking if I wanted to make a list of goals for 2009 that we could pray over for each other and hold each other accountable for throughout the year. (I told you Jill is amazing!)   Two things on my list were to lose 15 pounds (which I have done!) and to begin eating more fruit (which I am…thanks to my Magic Bullet that has become another of my ‘gadget addictions!)

 When people notice my weight loss they ask me, “what did you do to lose the weight?”  The healthy and fit ‘Holly’ of 10 years ago could have handed people a daily regime…that Holly ran several miles every day, did a bazillion crunches each week to maintain her 6 pack (yep I had one of those at one time!), had a dumbbell arm workout to maintain the ‘guns’, and her diet consisted of no red meat, lots of veggies, and sugar and fat were the enemy.

 A decade later my daily regime is very different.  No longer do I run.  After having another knee surgery last fall, I decided that if I wanted to avoid having to use a walker or wheel chair by the age of 50, I had better quit pounding my knees by running.  For some this might be no big deal.  But for me, I have called myself a runner since before I was a teenager.  Even as a child, I would get up before daylight and run ‘around the Circle’ (my Marietta friends will know what I mean!).  As a freshman in high school, I won a gold medal at the state track meet…I was VERY lucky to have been an alternate on a relay team that included a faster than lightning anchor leg who could easily making up the deficit I created in the 1st leg of the relay.  Still, one of my greatest memories of childhood was standing on top of that #1 stand and having a gold medal placed around my neck for doing something I LOVED to do…. Run.  In college I played on the basketball team and the assistant coach was in charge of heading up the college’s first women’s cross country team.  She knew that I was a decent runner and loved it, so she convinced me to run with the team.  So, besides the grueling three hours a day basketball preseason practices, I began waking up even earlier each morning to put in a few miles of running so that I would be in running shape for the Saturday meets.  I loved running for the team, but I had to give it up after just one year because it was basketball that was paying for the college education and it was just too time consuming to do both…so I gave up the running, the one I probably loved the most. 

 So, as an early twenty something year old, I could have given you a great work out and diet plan that would have been a way to successfully lose weight.  Granted it would have been an impractical plan for anyone who was married or has kids, but it would have worked if you followed the plan.  But the plan I would have handed you 10 years ago would have been missing one key thing.  It would have not included the spiritual element.  Though I had an amazing spiritual walk with the Lord ten years ago, like most women my drive for being physically fit was mostly the result of a desire to maintain my flat stomach or to fit comfortably in my jeans.

 This is what changed in me this year.  Through my search to find a way to lose those nagging 15-20 pounds of ‘baby weight’ (but really is it baby weight when it has been 5 years since I had my last child…I think after five years I should claim that weight as my own!), I cried out to the One who designed my body in the first place.  Beginning in January of this year, my Maker has taken me on a journey in the area of health and fitness.  He took me to places in my soul that I have never visited before.  He revealed some things to me that I did not know were there.  And in the process pounds started to drop off of me like never before. 

 I am happy to report that I have managed to muster up the passion for health that I possessed when I first met my hubby over ten years ago.  However, the passion I have now has a much different motivation.  Seeing as this post is already much longer than I intended, I better save the details of my new passion for health in the next post.  Until then, it is “Kid’s laundry day” at the Buxton’s house and the unplanned ‘label machine rampage’ yesterday has gotten me a little off my ‘normal’ weekly schedule for housework.   And in case you’ve been wondering, Fiesta night at the Buxton’s was a hit…thanks be to the people of “old el paso” and “mission” for making enchiladas possible at my house.  Someday maybe I will be a ‘super mom’ like many strive to be, and I’ll make my own sauce and tortillas.  I can’t even imagine the kitchen mess this ponytail princess would make whipping up those from scratch…think I’ll stick to the bag and can for now!

Oh and because I promised to be honest on this blog….the list of goals I made for my friend Jill…well there are many things on that list that I have yet to check off in 2009…my goal list for 2010 looks to be very similar to the one for 2009!