In my years of reading blogs, I have noticedthat many bloggers have a “wordless wednesday” in which they post only pictures and do not use words.  Once again, this frustrates me with blogs.  Number one…I want a caption to explain the picture.  Number two…again…people seem to only post the very best of their life for their wordless wednesday (I won’t get on my soapbox about that again.)

I was thinking that some of you might enjoy looking at a picture or two on my blog to make it more exciting than just seeing text.  So I played around with my camera this morning and found something that I would like to see on a blog…this is my own version of wordless wednesday…minus the ‘wordless’ and minus the picture perfect images!  Enjoy!

The entry way to my house...angle #1

Obviously interior decorating is not one of my talents.  This is a collection of wedding gifts that I arranged on the handme down bookcase from my brother.  One  thing Joe forgot to add to his list of things he loves about me….I don’t spend money on house decorations.  Mainly because I don’t like boxing them up and throwing them in a uhaul every couple of years!

Close up of the Higle family photo hanging on the wall

Okay before you make a snide comment about my dress…beware…it was handmade by my precious grandmother and I do not take too kindly to jokes about her work.  If you must laugh, why not laugh at the way mom and Monta tried to pull off the feather look only Farah can get away with or how about the remenants of the home perm in my hair.

Angle #2 of the entry way...the truth!

 Here’s the picture I know you all really want to see.  The truth about my entry way.  I am even going to admit that it has looked like this pretty much since August.  . . except for the handful of times that we have had house guests and I have managed to ‘hide’ the piles.  Want to know what is in the piles…keep looking…

Box number one ...

 A tape gun, a fourth of July family photo, a few random toys, ribbon and other hairbows making supplies, lots of kids artwork that probably should just get trashed (yep I admitted it…most of my kid’s artwork gets chunked!), a collection of old computer diskettes (don’t remember why I’m hanging on to those!), and at the bottom of the box…I found the fire starter I have been looking for for a while!  Maybe I should save myself time and energy and just put the firestarter to use by burning the whole box!

Box #2

There is not room to list here all that is in this box..broken lamp, pj pants that need mending, clothes I bought at garage sales for a needy family I am helping out, and notice the pull ups on top…Brooklynn has been out of those for over two years now…WHY IN THE WORLD DO I STILL HAVE THOSE!

Things scattered on the floor...

The question is…why in the world did I even bother putting out the cute fall rug if it has been covered the entire fall season with this mess!

The neglected Buxton blessing tree

Finally (aren’t you glad), this is one of those great ideas I had a few years back when I was striving to live up to the ‘supermom’ image.  Notice in the previous picture that the tree was folded up and not being used.  The intention was to make this tree a family tradition.  At one time it said “Buxton Blessings” and at the bottom are the words to one of my favorite hymns “count your blessings name them one by one” Then somewhere in this house are some fall colored leaves that can be attached to the tree.   One by one the leaves can be added each day during the month of November and by Thanksgiving it is filled with all the blessings the family has come up with…It really is fun and it really is a great tradition.  It’s just that it is hard to keep up with family traditions when you move as much as we have!  So don’t say this blog didn’t give you a fabulous idea to do with your family…but I told you the point of this blog is not to impress you with all my wonderful ideas!
I know I promised in the last post that I would give my “weight loss secret” …but no time to do that here.  You’ll just have to wait.  I’m thinking my time would be better spent figuring out what to do with all the stuff I’ve dragged out of my entryway…goodness…This ponytail princess is glad it is sandwich night at the Buxton house.