I have to make a confession.  I am an addict.  My last post left me with a sense of urgency.   I would like to say that the urgency was a spiritual prompting that led me to deliver food to the needy or go share Jesus with my neighbors.  That would be something to report that might impress you.  But, when I agreed to blog (the agreement was between myself and myself!), I promised myself that I would not write things simply to impress people.  One of the things that I do not like about blogs is that most people use them to report all the successes of their life.  .  .  you know…like the two day craft project done with their children that led to a finished project fit to be on the cover of Martha Stewart Kids Magazine.  Or, they showcase the gorgeous pictures of their family on their beach vacation.  Not that it is wrong to post things like that and I do enjoy reading about the projects and looking at the photos.  But the stuff they leave out are the very things that make me want to read a blog.  You know….show me a picture of the child throwing a tantrum because you won’t let them use the glue bottle alone and then tell me how stressful the whole thing really was!  And we all KNOW that the beach vacation was not all as beautiful as the snapshots you posted.  Come on give us the good stuff.  Like how you and your husband didn’t speak the entire drive home because of some “misunderstanding” or how you nearly blew a gasket when your child spilled the container all over the floor (to choose a couple of the many true examples from my own life!)  Now that’s the good stuff I want to know about! 

            Back to the urge and my addiction…after writing about my label maker the temptation was too great and I felt a need to go on the prowl for something I could organize.  The victims this time were the kid’s stash of clothes they’ve outgrown and the overflow of Halloween décor I bought on clearances last week.  The finished product was DELICIOUS.  Boxes labeled and stacked neatly in the garage.  But at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the potties still needed cleaned and the kitchen was still a wreck from the morning.  So much for my Monday tradition of sitting on the couch after lunch sipping my afternoon coffee in a squeaky clean house.  Thankfully after ten years Joe knows how intense these urges are and he know longer minds the huge mess that is created before the glory comes in the end!  Should have taken pictures…of course I would have posted the “before” pictures of the mounds of clothes strung all over my bedroom…I know that’s what you would rather see than the pictures of my anal retentive stack of neatly labeled boxes stacked in my garage!

            Well…I’ve managed to write a ton and none of it truly relates to my 40 day challenge. So I’ll try to post another one this evening that actually has purpose!  I warned you that my life is rather ordinary.  For now, I think I’ll treat myself to one of my favorite things…snuggling in bed with Brooklynn to read before I destroy my kitchen making enchiladas for Fiesta Tuesdays at the Buxton house.  I really don’t know why I EVER clean my kitchen because I am the MESSIEST cook in the world.  Maybe I’ll take a picture of it..not the beautiful finished product of enchiladas, but the things everyone would rather see…the cheese all over the floor, the enchilada sauce on the shirt, and the dishes piled high in the sink!  That’s my life…you were warned.