A blog.  Seems that everyone has one these days.  I have managed to avoid the craze for quite a long time.  Much like I avoided cell phones, facebook, and cable (for the record in ten years of marriage our family has never paid money for television.)  I have managed to avoid the temptation of the blogging world.  My avoidance was mainly because there have been way too many times where I was supposed to be cooking dinner and instead I had surfed my way through 15 people’s blogs and found myself reading about some complete stranger’s baby’s first word.  Don’t get me wrong.  I know that child is important to that stranger.  But I had no clue how I started on a blog site to get a recipe and ended up two hours later reading about topics ranging from how to better reorganize my sock drawer  to the best solution to get mustard out of clothes to how to cook dinner for only a dollar (I’m a sucker for saving money!) 

  I almost jumped on the blogging bandwagon early on as a newlywed.  Boy would those blogs be a hoot to read now…After nearly ten years of marriage and now that I fall into the category of being in my “mid-thirties,” I feel that my ponderings are something that I don’t mind allowing the world to see.  I have always had a passion for writing. I mean I AM the genetic product of an English teacher and an author that has sold over a million books.  It only seems natural that a girl who has gotten paid to proofread since before she was old enough to wear make-up would know a thing or two about writing.

 So I am now announcing to the world that I have caved.  I can no longer take pride in the fact that I do not have a blog.  Not that I have anything new to add to the blogging world.  There really isn’t anything new to be said.  My ponderings are not revolutionary.  My life is rather ordinary.

 This blog is a part of a personal 40 day challenge I have made for myself (I am writing this on day four of my challenge!).  Joe and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in a little over a month.  We are not going to be spending our anniversary as many do when they celebrate a “big” anniversary.  We won’t be on the ski slope or on the beach.  There won’t be a new diamond ring for me or a new sports car for Joe.  The life we have chosen for ourselves in the past 10 years has not led to having a lot of extra money to spend on great vacations or expensive gifts.

 Instead, I am giving the love of my life something very different.  In these 40 days I am revisiting who I was when I was a young whippersnapper 23 year old girl.  I am making changes in some areas that I have neglected for too many years.  I am rekindling some passions that once burned brightly in my heart.  My hope is that when Joe looks into my eyes on our 10th anniversary he clearly sees the girl he fell head over heels in love with over a decade ago!

 By the way, I will further explain the blog name at a later time.  For now I’m just inviting you to throw your hair up in a ponytail and join my adventure…afterall, this princess has never had a tiara but has ponytail holders in every size and color!